About Sarah

Sarah Bartley

Hello world! I’m Sarah and I’m a freelance front-end web developer from Canton, Ohio. I design, build, and edit WordPress websites for small businesses and creatives. I also work on various code related projects with React.js, Ruby, and Python.

I’m also a producer. I originally started blogging on The Original BritishPandaChick blog where I created the My Coding Journey series. I spent two years managing the BritishPandaChick Codes blog where I talked about coding, careers, and books. Today I manage Needlework Kits blogs where I talk about craft kits I make as well as write posts on The Practical Dev and Code Newbie. I’ve written content for other platforms including App Academy Book Prescriber.

Before I started learning how to code, I spent 9 years teaching students academic skills at different schools in Stark County and at Sylvan Learning. Today I combined my coding skills and teaching background together to mentor new developers just getting started in tech. In April 2020, I taught a brown bag lesson to Lambda School students on how to use Bootstrap to create a portfolio website.

I have completed two Skillcrush career blueprints where I learned how to code with JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, and WordPress. Recently I learned how to use Node.js, Express.js, and MongoDB to create web applications. Last year I learned how to use Node.js to build Alexa skills and learned how to use Sass to compile styles on a website. I love learning and I’m currently learning how to use Ruby on Rails to create web applications.

When I am not writing code or blogging, I serve as the moderator for the Elphas Can Code online community on Elpha. In July 2019, I created the Disney Codes Challenge in order to help developers develop the habit of building more projects. I also mentor new developers in my spare time by providing support and empowering developers as they continue to code. In 2020, I became an VIP expert on Fairy God Boss and started sharing advice to help job seekers with their careers.

Sarah and Daisy Duck, Felt Applique Teddy Bear, and Grow with Google award