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Hello, world! I’m Sarah and I’m a front-end web developer from Canton, Ohio that specializes in creating the front-end elements for web applications. I translate design comps into functional websites using JavaScript, PHP, and WordPress. In addition to building websites, I have 9 years of teaching experience such as designing curriculum and differentiating instructional materials for individual learning styles. I'm looking to transition into a full-time remote role that uses JavaScript and JavaScript frameworks.

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Web Design

I plan the overall look and feel of web applications. I organize the user experience on websites by using sitemaps, user personas. and wireframes. I use design tools such as Adobe Creative Suite, Canva, and Visme to make web graphics for websites and online branding.

Front-End Web Development

I write clean, semantic code to create responsive, accessible web applications. I edit and customize websites so they stay up to date with current standards. I test, debug, and maintain web applications regularly so they run smoothly on the web.

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Back-end Web Development

I construct and maintain server-side web applications using PHP, Ruby, and Python. I set up and connect databases to web applications. I use NodeJS to add function and utility to the structure of web applications that work with the front-end elements.

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